Barricade & Fortress one block

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Rapidsteel would like to introduce our newest system, a free-standing system using our Barricade & Fortress one block

The Barricade one block supports our 2.0m(h) Barricade free-standing system, the one block’s dimensions are 600mm x 600mm x 600mm weighing 520kgs

The Fortress one block supports our 2.4m(h) Fortress free-standing system, the one block dimensions are 900mm x 600mm x 600mm weighting 790kgs

The hoarding panels are secured to the block by means of a 10mm x 75mm anchor bolt fixed to the face of the block which is attached to the hoarding panels using a heavy duty coupler, a 1m stabiliser arm is then connected to the top of the block using a 12mm locking nut and the top of the stabiliser arm connects to the hoarding panels again using a heavy duty coupler, for manoeuvrability around your site all block have a lifting eye

Rapidsteel keeps a large supply of crowd control barriers in stock and we can cater to any size event. Our crowd control barriers are a great way to create a cue or ticketing area, section off a marquee or VIP area, direct the flow of pedestrian traffic or even protect specific areas like grass or gardens.

Advantages of the system

No loading tray, rubber foot or anti-locking strap required

You only lose 600mm/900mm workspace behind the hoarding line

The block cannot be moved without the aid of heavy machinery

Because of the weight of the block, it cannot be disturbed no one can move it from situ and therefore your system can not be weakened, this also means your site it tidy and poses not H & S issues

Once your project is finished we will purchase all hoarding, fixings and block back and remove from site

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